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Media Server

What Does Media Server Mean?

A media server is a dedicated hardware or software (physical server or application program) that is responsible for providing multimedia on demand. They are commonly used in conjunction with home theater systems for easy access to a wide variety of media, and are sometimes used in professional capacities, such as concerts or live theater.


Techopedia Explains Media Server

A media server is a device that stores and shares media. It is responsible for hardware as well as software aspects of successful storing and retrieval as well as sharing of media files and data. A media server can be any device having network access and adequate bandwidth for sharing and saving of media. A server, PC, network-attached storage (NAS) or any other device with such storage capability can be used as a media server. Commercial media servers act as aggregators of information: video, audio, photos and books, and other types of media can all be accessed via a network.


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