Backup on the Web

What Does Backup on the Web Mean?

Backup on the Web is an online data safeguard to provide data management and protection for individual users as well as large and small businesses.


This term is also known as online backup, Web backup, Web-based backup, net-based off site backup and other similar phrases.

Techopedia Explains Backup on the Web

Backup on the Web may be crucial if or when, computer equipment is destroyed by fire, flood, explosion, vandalism, earthquake, storms or some other unforeseen event. Loss of data could mean loss of documents, pictures, research, compositions, graphics and a host of other digital data. However, for organizations it could mean the loss of years of payroll data, sales data, inventory data, legal documents, strategic planning documents, schematics, diagrams and many others. Through this hundreds, thousands or even millions of customers could be negatively affected. Thus, backup on the Web is invaluable for recovery from local disasters.

The frequency of backup is also crucial. PCs with 2 to 4 processors can easily backup data on the Web while one or several applications are being used simultaneously, and the user may never notice a decrease in computer performance. However, users with a single processor will, periodically if not more often, experience a decrease in performance.


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