MH Message Handling System

What Does MH Message Handling System Mean?

The MH Message Handling System is a free, open-source email client that was originally developed at the RAND Corporation. It is unique in that it consists of more than one program and is designed to be operated from the command line.


Techopedia Explains MH Message Handling System

MH consists of more than one program; “show”, “scan” and “rmm” are common examples of its separate programs.

The performance of the system relies on the operating system’s file system. The latest file system technology has increased the performance of MH as compared to the earlier file systems. Thus, the performance of MH can be improved by choosing the right options and applying the appropriate settings.

MH was originally developed and used through command line interface, but with the evolution toward graphical user interfaces (GUI) in operating systems and general-purpose applications, MH has moved toward this as well.


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