What Does ANSI ASC X12 Mean?

ANSI ASC X12 is a committee chartered in 1979 by ANSI to create and maintain standards used in electronic business-to-business (B2B) transactions. These include electronic data interchange (EDI) standards; the Context Inspired Component Architecture (CICA), which is a set of standards for assembling electronic business messages; and one for XML that is fully compliant with Electronic Business XML (ebXML) recommendations.


Techopedia Explains ANSI ASC X12

Membership in ASC X12 consists of different professionals from different industries who come together to manage X12 standards such as EDI and CICA standards. ASC X12 has seven subcommittees that deal with specific areas of business:

  • X12C Communications & Controls
  • X12F Finance X12G Government
  • X12I Transportation
  • X12J Technical Assessment
  • X12M Supply Chain
  • X12N Insurance

Common standards for X12 tools allow for the consistent use of enterprise documents and other types of functions such as transactions.


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