Definition - What does Threat mean?

A threat, in the context of computer security, refers to anything that has the potential to cause serious harm to a computer system. A threat is something that may or may not happen, but has the potential to cause serious damage. Threats can lead to attacks on computer systems, networks and more.

Techopedia explains Threat

Threats are potentials for vulnerabilities to turn into attacks on computer systems, networks, and more. They can put individuals’ computer systems and business computers at risk, so vulnerabilities have to be fixed so that attackers cannot infiltrate the system and cause damage.

Threats can include everything from viruses, trojans, back doors to outright attacks from hackers. Often, the term blended threat is more accurate, as the majority of threats involve multiple exploits. For example, a hacker might use a phishing attack to gain information about a network and break into a network.

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