Computerized Maintenance Management System

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What Does Computerized Maintenance Management System Mean?

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is a software package designed to maintain a computer database for an organization’s maintenance operations and human resources functions.


This data is intended to help the effectiveness of maintenance workers, the quality of management decisions and the verification of regulatory compliance.

CMMS software packages are nearly the same as computer aided facility management packages, which are also called facility management software.

This term is also known as Enterprise Asset Management and Computerized Maintenance Management Information System (CMMIS).

Techopedia Explains Computerized Maintenance Management System

CMMS packages come in a wide range of capabilities and prices. Typically the software addresses the following:

  1. Work Orders and Descriptions: Varying techniques are used to report when an inspection, automatic preventive maintenance, meter readings or repair job is to be done. Related recorded data may include reserving materials, assigning personnel, scheduling work, tracking equipment downtimes, future recommendation actions and problem causal factors.
  2. Managing Inventory: Data is recorded about current inventory and inventory levels in various categories, reserving inventory for particular jobs and purchasing and tracking inventory.
  3. Managing Assets: Typically recorded data is intended to aid management or maintenance workers and may include equipment specifications, purchase dates, anticipated lifetime, required spare parts, service contracts and history and warranty information. Metrics may also be generated to measure the effectiveness of the asset management program.
  4. Safety: Data is recorded on safety permits and documenting safety requirements.

CMMS software packages are often linked to other software and control of processes throughout the organization, such as cost analysis, maintaining fixed assets (machines and required tooling), scheduled work and scheduled equipment maintenance.


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