Advanced Business Application Programming Workbench

What Does Advanced Business Application Programming Workbench Mean?

Advanced Business Application Programming Workbench (ABAP Workbench) is an integrated development environment provided by SAP for the development of enterprise resource management applications running in the R/3 subsystem. ABAP Workbench contains various tools used to design, implement, debug and profile ABAP programs. ABAP refers to the service advertising protocol’s (SAP) high-level programming language. It originally stood for Allgemeiner Berichts-Aufbereitungs-Prozessor, which is German for general report creation processor.


Techopedia Explains Advanced Business Application Programming Workbench

ABAP Workbench contains different ABAP program tools that support the development and modification of ABAP-written R/3 client/server applications. Using these tools, one can write and modify ABAP programs, design screens and create a user interface. These tools can also test and debug an application for efficiency.

Important ABAP Workbench tools include:

  • ABAP editor for editing and writing reports
  • ABAP dictionary for processing database table definitions
  • Menu painter for designing the application’s user interface
  • Screen painter for designing screens and logic flow
  • Function builder for creating function modules
  • Class builder for ABAP object classes and interfaces

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