Anti-Virus Killer

What Does Anti-Virus Killer Mean?

An anti-virus killer (AV killer) is a tool that removes virus-protection programs. Rather than defensive security solutions, AV Killers are offensive security solutions that are considered malicious in nature because they disable the anti-virus software designed to protect computers from malicious attacks. Some AV killers can even work their way around firewalls.


Anti-virus protection software for home computers has improved over the years, helping to protect users from viruses, system crashes and any other negative effects caused by malware. As a result of this increased security, hackers have been forced to come up with other ways to inflict damage on targeted computers. AV killers are one way to do this.

Techopedia Explains Anti-Virus Killer

When an anti-virus program scans a computer, AV killers will circumvent the protective measures of these scans, thus allowing viruses to sneak in anyway. Since virus detection software has been on the rise by home users and businesses alike, other methods and computing tools have been developed by programmers with less-than-noble intentions. Software manufacturers have responded by preinstalling anti-virus software within the software they develop, but this is an ongoing battle, because the more stringent virus protection becomes, the more prominent and powerful anti-virus killers become in response.


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