Enterprise Services

What Does Enterprise Services Mean?

Enterprise services is an over-arching term to describe an architecture combining engineering discipline and computer science to solve practical business problems. Enterprise services architecture generally includes high-level components and principles of object-oriented design employed to match the current heterogeneous world of IT architecture.


Techopedia Explains Enterprise Services

The concept of enterprise services was created in 2002 by Hasso Plattner,the chairman of SAP AG. Enterprise services architecture includes layers of components aggregating data and application functions from applications, which creates reusable elements, which are also called modules. The components use enterprise services for communication. Enterprise services architecture minimizes the complexity of the connections among the components to facilitate reuse. The enterprise services architecture allows deployment of Web services to create applications within the current infrastructure, increasing business value.

Enterprise services architecture emphasizes abstraction and componentization, which provides a mechanism for employing both the required internal and external business standards. The main goal of enterprise services architecture is to create an IT environment in which standardized components can aggregate and work together to reduce complexity. To create reusable and useful components, it is equally important to build an infrastructure allowingcomponents to conform to the changing needs of the environment.


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