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Event Log

What Does Event Log Mean?

In networking, an event log is a basic resource that helps provide information about network traffic, usage and other conditions. An event log stores these data for retrieval by security professionals or automated security systems to help network administrators manage various aspects such as security, performance and transparency.


Techopedia Explains Event Log

An event log is a basic “log book” that is analyzed and monitored for higher level “network intelligence.” It can capture many different types of information. For example, it can capture all logon sessions to a network, along with account lockouts, failed password attempts, etc. It can also record different types of application events, such as application errors, closures or other related events.

An event log is often used by a tool called security information and event management tool. This tool provides a higher level of analysis of the contents of an event log to help network administrators determine what is going on within a network.


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