Full Packaged Product

What Does Full Packaged Product Mean?

A full packaged product is a complete off-the-shelf software
product sold in a shrink-wrapped box. Packages often included a CD-ROM or DVD
for installation, as well as printed user guides and software agreements, the
paper equivalent of a digital “readme” file.


Techopedia Explains Full Packaged Product

A full packaged product, which is also sometimes called a
shrink-wrapped license product, often includes a particular EULA or end-user license
agreement. This is sometimes called a “click wrap” agreement. The user
agreement inside the package can be used as a legal tool for intellectual
property protection. However, most companies also include some type of EULA
digitally when the product is installed and executed. The phenomenon of cloud-delivered and web-delivered software, or Software as a Service, changes the traditional conventions that the use of a full packaged product is based on. Therefore, full packaged products are declining in popularity and use.


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