What Does Unboxing Mean?

Unboxing is a phenomenon where a person takes a consumer product out of its box or original packaging while filming the process. That person then uploads the video to the Web for others to view.


Techopedia Explains Unboxing

In some senses, the phenomena of unboxing started with technology. It makes a certain amount of sense to film the unboxing of a new smart phone or video game console, because others can see, for example, how the product is packaged, what types of cords and cables come with it, and what the console or device itself looks like. However, unboxing has now gone far beyond the tech world. As videos proliferate on platforms like YouTube, it has become apparent that many people get a specific vicarious thrill from watching other people take toys, technology or other products out of boxes. The process that is filmed is the process of acquisition, the process of removing all of the extra packaging and trash from a product, and examining it in all of its newness. This is part of what has led to the popularity of unboxing as a social media and multimedia trend.


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