System Integrator

What Does System Integrator Mean?

A system Integrator is an individual or an organization that implements enterprise-wide IT applications within an organization.


System integrators are professional entities who govern the deployment-to-operation lifecycle of a complex IT solution. A deployment can consist of software, hardware, networks and hybrid IT installations.

Techopedia Explains System Integrator

System integrators are a key resources to identify, analyze, design and deploy complex IT solutions. Part of their role is also to ensure that the integrated system addresses the issues it is designed for. System integrators map key functional and non-functional requirements with the optimal IT solution stack or only for a specific offering.

System integrators generally work around software solutions that are pre-built and can be integrated within the organization with minimal customization. They primarily deal in the integration of a vendor software application within the business processes and in achieving the required efficiency out of the implemented solution.


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