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Internet Art

Last updated: January 4, 2017

What Does Internet Art Mean?

Internet art is a kind of art that uses the Internet as its mode of dissemination. The art is often interactive and/or participatory in nature and may use a number of different mediums. This method strays from the traditional gallery and museum system and gives even small artists a way of sharing their work with a large audience. Artists who do this kind of art are usually called net artists.

Internet art is also known as Net art.


Techopedia Explains Internet Art

Internet art can be created in all different types of media, including websites, software projects or gaming, streaming video or audio and networked performances.

Internet art has its roots in various other genres, such as conceptual art, video art, performance art, telematics art and kinetic art. The more recent emergence of image-based social networking sites such as Flickr have provided yet more avenues for Internet artists.



Net Art

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