AppleTalk Filing Protocol

What Does AppleTalk Filing Protocol Mean?

AppleTalk Filing Protocol (AFP) is a Mac OS file protocol that allows users to access outside system files. AFP is located in the application and presentation layers of the AppleTalk protocol stack. AFP also provides security features that restrict user access to certain files.


Techopedia Explains AppleTalk Filing Protocol

AFP features also include:

  • Server file access: Method is the same as that used for local file access, but a user must establish a remote file server connection.
  • Manages file system components, including files, volumes, AFP calls and folders used by clients to access file server and service data.
  • Modifies directories and files.
  • Executes commands within AFP frames, close volume, close directory, create directory, copy file and delete file.

AFP frame parameters include directory attributes, file attributes, backup date, bitmap, request count, creation date, file creator and destination directory ID, Sys, Bk, DI, RI, RAO and RO.


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