Vmware Server

What Does Vmware Server Mean?

VMware Server is a free server-virtualization software, which allows the system administrators to partition a single physical server into multiple virtual machines.


VMware Server is compatible with Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Netware; all or any of these OSs can be virtually employed and used simultaneously on a single machine.

VMware Server was previously known as VMware GSX Server.

Techopedia Explains Vmware Server

VMware, Inc. is one of the largest companies producing different kinds of software and products for virtualization. VMware Server is one of its products.

Server provisioning is accelerated with VMware Server by building a virtual machine instance once and then reusing it many time as per requirements. Nothing beyond configuration and troubleshooting is required with its installation. IT administrators can install different kinds of software and applications to test and check the functionalities of each installed application. The VMware server is always installed and run on the existing operating system of a physical machine.


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