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Enhanced Keyboard

What Does Enhanced Keyboard Mean?

An enhanced keyboard is a modern keyboard containing extra
keys that were not in older keyboard designs prior to the 1980s. An enhanced
keyboard has a set of 12 function keys for over 100 total keys, and now
represents the majority of computers shipped with laptop and desktop computer
designs today.


Techopedia Explains Enhanced Keyboard

In the early era of computer manufacturing, QWERTY keyboards (keyboards with today’s conventional alphanumeric character layout) did not have the set of 12 function keys that are on modern keyboards. But over time, function keys were added at the left side of the keyword, and then at the top. Other command keys were also added.

The enhanced keyboard provides additional functionality for many things such as boot processes, altering text commands, and controlling sound and video. Prior to the modern enhanced keyboard, and even today, many functional commands have been performed with “bucky” keys which shift a bit sequence in order to input a variety of additional commands. “Function” keys like the command, alt and delete keys have also been instrumental in expanding the scope of what a user can do with a computer keyboard, beyond just entering in text and numbers.


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