Push to Talk Over Cellular

What Does Push to Talk Over Cellular Mean?

Push to talk over cellular (PoC) is a wireless two-way cellular communication allowing instant and global mobile connectivity with the ability to communicate on a push of a key.


Push to talk over cellular uses the push to talk communication (PTT) principle, where reciever does not need to answer the call as there is always active connection between two individuals or group. The communication can be started on a push of a key one user at a time.

Techopedia Explains Push to Talk Over Cellular

PoC combines push-to-talk (PTT) operational advantages with interference immunity and other mobile phone advantages. For example, PoC uses half-duplex communication (only one call may be transmitted by a user) and one call may be received by one or more users. This feature is more useful when single user wants to talk to a group without making multiple calls.

Full-duplex communication was traditionally applied to mobile networks and devices, which required connection using a dialed phone number or an answered call. This connection was active until the call ended or the connection failed from a signal loss.


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