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Quality of Experience

What Does Quality of Experience Mean?

Quality of experience (QoE) measures total system performance using subjective and objective measures of customer satisfaction. It differs from quality of service (QoS), which assesses the performance of hardware and software services delivered by a vendor under the terms of a contract.


Techopedia Explains Quality of Experience

The information technology (IT) and electronics industries apply the QoE model to businesses and services. Because QoE depends on customer experience, assessments are compiled from large user group polls. QoE rates the following success factors:

  • Efficiency
  • Ease of use
  • Reliability
  • Customer loyalty
  • Privacy
  • Cost
  • Security

Key environmental factors impact QoE assessment. These include:

  • Hardware, such as wired or cordless devices
  • Application criticality, for example, texting versus audio/video
  • Working environment, for example, fixed or mobile

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