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Home Key

What Does Home Key Mean?

The Home key is a key found on most physical and virtual keyboards and is supported by most operating systems. The Home key is supported by certain software applications as well. The primary functionality of the Home key in most applications is to return the cursor to the beginning of a line, document, page, screen or worksheet cell based on the position of the cursor.


Techopedia Explains Home Key

The Home key helps in navigation of applications or a word processing programs. It is most commonly used to make the cursor move to the beginning of the line in a text editing program. The Home key has the opposite functionality of the End key.

Keyboards which do not have a Home key, usually due to limited size, can achieve the same functionality with the combination of a function key and the left arrow key. If a document is not editable, the Home key can help in scrolling the scrollable document to the beginning in operating systems like Microsoft and Linux. This is in addition to the functionality involving text editing applications, where the Home key can help return the cursor to the beginning of the document or the current line. Along with other function keys, the Home key can provide different functions like selecting all characters in a selectable text before the cursor, by pressing a combination of the Home and Shift keys simultaneously. In software applications, the Home key can have different functions such as reaching the menu screen.


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