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Chuck Norris Facts

What Does Chuck Norris Facts Mean?

Chuck Norris facts are a series of statements about the famous action hero that have become an internet meme and continued on as a more permanent fixture in popular culture than most internet phenomenon.


These claims about Chuck Norris are almost always exaggerations having to do with his prowess as a martial artists, his near invincibility or his incredible manliness. For example, “Chuck Norris can stare at the sun, and the sun goes blind.”

Techopedia Explains Chuck Norris Facts

Chuck Norris facts are one of the longest lived of the internet memes, originally becoming popular in 2005. Norris has been called an online cult hero by Time and compilations of the most popular facts about him have been released as books. Since the success of Chuck Norris facts, copycat memes about other famous personalities have cropped up, but none have been able to duplicate the phenomenon.

Note: Techopedia fully supports all facts about Chuck Norris. Mostly out of fear that Chuck Norris will roundhouse kick us off the Internet.


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