Radio Frequency Field

What Does Radio Frequency Field Mean?

A radio frequency field (RF field) is an alternating current which, when put through an antenna, generates an electromagnetic field for wireless broadcasting or communication by sending a current through an antenna.


RF fields are produced by various sources such as mobile radio communication transmissions, radio and television broadcasting, radar, and cell phones.

Also known as a radio wave.

Techopedia Explains Radio Frequency Field

When an antenna receives an RF current, an electromagnetic field, called a radio frequency field, is generated and is propagated through space. Radio frequency fields cover a major portion of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum, which extends from 9kHz to certain gHz. RF field wavelengths are inversely proportional to frequency, which is inversely proportional to the electromagnetic field wavelength.

RF field spectrum is divided into different ranges. Except the lowest frequency segment, every other band represents an increase of frequency corresponding to order of magnitude.

The biggest concern relating to RF field is the possibility of adverse health outcome as there is concern these waves contribute to cancer.


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