Voice on the Net

What Does Voice on the Net Mean?

Voice on the Net (VON) is a public policy coalition that supports and provides advocacy for the Internet communication device and technology industry. VON members are service providers, software providers and equipment manufacturers that lobby regulators to ensure that the distribution of IP communications remains free of the government regulations that have traditionally been applied to telephone service.


VON is also known as the Voice on the Net Coalition.

Techopedia Explains Voice on the Net

The VON Coalition is an open and nonprofit 501(c)(6) organization in accordance with the IRS. VON Europe is an affiliated European branch, .

The VON Coalition focuses on the following objectives:

  • Educating the media, regulators and legislators on Internet communications, technologies and best practices
  • Recommending regulation and legislation on Internet communications issues
  • Facilitating industry membership discussion regarding key regulatory and policy issues

VON was founded by Internet communications expert Jeff Pulver in 1996.


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