Voice Web Application Platform (VWAP)

What Does Voice Web Application Platform (VWAP) Mean?

Voice Web Application Platform (VWAP) is a software platform that facilitates the development of advanced open-source voice applications for enterprises and service providers. VWAP was patented by Telera, which was acquired by Alcatel in 2002.


Techopedia Explains Voice Web Application Platform (VWAP)

VWAP uses tools like VoiceXML (VXML) to facilitate access to Web content by traditional phones. The scalability of VWAP significantly reduces overall network complexity and deployment costs.

VWAP serves as a foundation for next-generation network (NGN) voice services, including the following:

  • Voice-enabled self-service: Voice or touch commands provide access to Web content from any phone. Examples include online banking and order inquiries.
  • Outbound notifications: Alert customers based on specific logic, such as flight cancellations.
  • Employee productivity solutions: Facilitate Web-based employee productivity applications, such as directories and email from any phone.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Provides traditional IVR with open VXML development.

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