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Voice Over Wireless Fidelity (VoWi-Fi)

What Does Voice Over Wireless Fidelity (VoWi-Fi) Mean?

Voice over wireless fidelity (VoWi-Fi) is any hardware or software that facilitates data exchange via the Internet. It is a popular networking technology that uses radio waves for wireless and Internet connections.

This term is also known as wireless Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).


Techopedia Explains Voice Over Wireless Fidelity (VoWi-Fi)

VoIP enables voice data packet transmission via IP protocol, as compared to the traditional public switched telephone networks. VoIP’s key benefit is that voice calls do not impact or increase user Internet fees.

VoWi-Fi technology sparked the production of VoWi-Fi phones, which are wireless mobile phones operating within networks and hotspots, such as those used with Vonage.

VoWi-Fi phones feature ease of use, low bandwidth requirements, less expensive or free long distance communication and no roaming charges.



Wireless Voice Over Internet Protocol, Wireless VOIP

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