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Windows Live Messenger

What Does Windows Live Messenger Mean?

Windows Live Messenger is Microsoft's instant messaging client application, which works with Windows Mobile, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows CE, Windows XP (up to Wave 3), Xbox 360, iOS, Java ME, Symbian OS 9, x.S60, Zune HD, and Blackberry. It uses the Microsoft Notification Protocol over Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and HTTP to connect via Microsoft's .NET messenger service.

The MSN Messenger was originally released in 1999 and renamed as Windows Live Messenger in 2006.


Techopedia Explains Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger provides the following features:

  • Windows Live Photo Gallery: Provides viewing of photo albums shared via Facebook and Windows Live SkyDrive
  • Offline Visibility: Users may appear offline to designated contacts and/or categories.
  • Offline Messaging: Users may send messages to offline contacts.
  • Social Networking: Users may connect via Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace.
  • Games and Applications: These are accessible to users via the conversation window.

Windows Live Messenger shares interoperability with the following applications:

  • Yahoo: Users may chat without creating separate accounts.
  • Facebook Chat: This has been supported since 2010.
  • Xbox Live Messenger and Windows Live Messenger 360: Users may view and communicate with Xbox Live or Kinect friends.

Windows Live Messenger Companion, a Windows Internet Explorer add-on for website activity detection, uses Windows Live ID and integrates with Windows Live Messenger to obtain shared user contact lists and data contents.


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