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Microstock Photography

What Does Microstock Photography Mean?

Microstock photography is a type of stock photography where amateur and hobbyist photographers submit photos for online distribution at a much lower cost than those sourced from typical stock photo vendors. Because microstock photography is low-cost and generally distributed on a royalty-free basis, it is an economical way for small publications or businesses – particularly online businesses – to add visual website elements. Microstock photography is also known as micropayment photography.


Techopedia Explains Microstock Photography

Stock photographs meet the need for graphic artwork and images without high-priced photographers. Because microstock photography is generally royalty-free, a licensed user or service member usually received multi-application privileges, in contrast to a rights-managed license, in which image usage limits are fixed. Microstock photography websites allow amateurs and hobbyists to submit photos – though not all are accepted – and receive a small fee each time a user or subscriber purchases a photo license. Shutterstock and iStockphoto are two key players in the field of microstock photography.


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