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RED Baseband Signal

What Does RED Baseband Signal Mean?

A RED baseband signal is a type of compromising emanation, or intelligence-bearing signal that could disclose national security information if intercepted. It is a term used by National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security which, under NSTISSI No. 7000, defines these signals as unintentional intelligence-bearing emanations, or TEMPEST, which may be released by electronic and electromechanical information-processing equipment.


Techopedia Explains RED Baseband Signal

RED baseband signals are one of the most commonly identified compromised emanations. They are generally similar to compromising emanations in general except that they are attenuated and reside outside the equipment or device.

A common example of a RED baseband signal is the interception and review of a computer monitor on a remote site. The signals emitted from the computer monitor can be caught and displayed on another monitor.


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