Device Under Test

What Does Device Under Test Mean?

A device under test (DUT) is a device that is tested to determine performance and proficiency. A DUT also may be a component of a bigger module or unit known as a unit under test (UUT). A DUT is checked for defects to make sure the device is working. The testing is designed to prevent damaged devices from entering the market, which also may reduce manufacturing costs.


A DUT is usually tested by automatic or automated test equipment (ATE), which may be used to conduct simple or complex testing, depending on the device tested. ATEs may include testing performed on software, hardware, electronics, semiconductors or avionics.

Techopedia Explains Device Under Test

The majority of high-tech ATE structures utilize automation for quick test execution. Automation uses IT and control systems to limit human interaction. Depending on the module used during testing, the DUT can be attached to the ATE using a variety of connectors, such as pogo pins, a bed of nails tester, microscopic needles and zero insertion force (ZIF) sockets or contactors.

Because there are a wide variety of DUTs, testing procedures vary. However, in all DUT testing, if a first out-of-tolerance value is identified, the testing stops immediately and the DUT fails the assessment.

There are different DUT testing types. Such testing is applied to semiconductors, overall electronics or other devices.


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