Stream Control Transmission Protocol Endpoint

What Does Stream Control Transmission Protocol Endpoint Mean?

The Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) endpoint is an SCTP designated packet sender or receiver with eligible combined and unique transport addresses. SCTP endpoint addresses may not be used by other SCTP endpoints.


SCTP enables single endpoint capability for multiple Internet Protocol (IP) addresses known as multi-homing. This provides better data survivability during network failure.
SCTP multi-homing is only used for redundancy.

Techopedia Explains Stream Control Transmission Protocol Endpoint

During SCTP Association initialization, SCTP endpoint messages are received. Operating systems (OS) may generate random source addresses resulting in mixed messages from different sources. SCTP endpoint addresses may use multiple IP addresses but must share the same port number.

To ensure security, reply messages are always sent to message initiators. For example, when a server receives a client’s SCTP Association initiation, the server always acknowledges the client’s IP address.


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