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R/3 Client/Server Application

What Does R/3 Client/Server Application Mean?

R/3 client/server application refers to a multitiered platform that supports the R3 enterprise application (EA) group. Developed by SAP AG, R/3 client/server applications are responsible for general OS tasks and provide an environment where multiple users can run separate applications. R/3 applications run inside operating systems and do not require actual host OS interaction.


R/3 replaced R/2, which is still in use.

Techopedia Explains R/3 Client/Server Application

R/3 client/server applications run inside multitiered systems, where software components are arranged in tiers. Each R/3 implementation is made up of three layers, as follows:

  • Database layer: Contains an application database and database management system (DMS)
  • Application layer: All R/3 system application programs are run on the application layer, which contains application program components.
  • Presentation layer: Contains the software component that comprises the graphical user interface (GUI) between R/3 systems and users.

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