What Does WebFOCUS Mean?

WebFOCUS is an information retrieval tool created by Information Builders and used in business intelligence. The foundation of this tool is the WebFocus query and reporting engine, which enables users to gain access to numerous databases and file systems through a Web browser. WebFOCUS is considered to be a business intelligence platform, which provides information to employees, managers, partners, analysts and consumers.


Techopedia Explains WebFOCUS

WebFOCUS emerged as an extension to Information Builders’ EDA middleware products. This suite provides support for Web uses as well as optional enhancements for report scheduling and distribution.

WebFOCUS delivers interactive information to a wide range of users and customers through solutions including dashboards, ad hoc reporting and portable analytics. The main advantages of WebFOCUS include:

  • The ability to monitor and track company performance
  • Access to analytics and analytical tools
  • Data integrity solutions and consistent throughput
  • Unifying integration infrastructure that accesses, cleanses, reconciles and prepares data for business intelligence use

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