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What Does QualityStage Mean?

QualityStage is a client server software tool used to improve data quality through a sequence of data cleansing mechanisms. QualityStage is part of the IBM Information Server and it appears as a major component within IBM’s Infosphere DataStage.


QualityStage may also be called WebSphere QualityStage.

Techopedia Explains QualityStage

QualityStage consists of a set of stages that provide a development environment to build data cleansing tasks called jobs. Large amounts of data can be processed using QualityStage’s design components and stages.

The integrated modules in QualityStage that are used for data engineering are:

Investigation This module allows the investigation of structured data (such as in a database) to find patterns and detect abnormalities in sales data to detect fraud for example. It also would allow shopping patterns to be exposed and produce marketing intelligence from data mining.
Standardization Many databases contain incomplete records and other extraneous data; QualityStage can filter those out and reorganize the data to standardize all the records.
Matching This module is a run of match filters to identify/remove duplicates in order to optimize a record set.
Survivorship is a system which determines which records will be retained.
These can all be offered in real time as a web service so an organization can have moderation and standardization of data before it is used by utilizing any of the four modules listed.


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