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Information Analyzer

What Does Information Analyzer Mean?

Information Analyzer is an IBM product and a tool widely used for data profiling. Information Analyzer helps in understanding data structure, format, relationships and quality monitoring.

Information Analyzer is also referred to as WebSphere Information Analyzer.


Techopedia Explains Information Analyzer

Information Analyzer has extensive data profiling capabilities. It is available with a user interface that includes a set of controls designed for integrating development work flow. The four major data profiling functions within Information Analyzer are:

  • Column Analysis: Generates a full-frequency distribution and examines column values to infer properties and definitions such as statistical measures and domain values.
  • Primary Key Analysis: Identifies candidate keys for one or more tables and aids in testing column combinations or columns to determine whether the candidate is suitable for forming a primary key
  • Foreign Key Analysis: Examines the relationships and contents across tables, thereby identifying foreign key and referential check integrity.
  • Cross-Domain Analysis: Identifies overlap in values between columns and redundancy of data between tables.


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