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What Does Call Center Suite Mean?

A call center suite is a suite of software products that includes multiple integrated components used in call centers. These software suites provide organizations with everything that is required to perform call center operations within single platforms. They also include tools for telephone switch functionality, automatic call distribution, intelligent routing, outbound dialing and voice mail.


A call center suite empowers supervisors, managers and employees by providing all the required tools for running a call center. These tools provide better customer services, reduce overall expenses and increase productivity.

Techopedia Explains Call Center Suite

The management tools within the call center suite enrich the enterprise with real-time and historical reports, thereby helping to measure the quality of the company’s customer service. This software also helps supervisors to control employee availability in queues and enables users to create a routing rule to ensure calls are handled by the proper department. Call center suites also aid in analyzing employee performance and forecasting, thus contributing to better employee training and quality assurance methods.

In certain organizations, the call center suite virtualizes call centers, deploying single- or multitenant applications and communicating with customers over voice, chat or email. This might also include capabilities such as skill-based routing, Web callback, outbound call distribution, agent desktop scripting, speech recognition and abandoned call recovery


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