Google Goggles

What Does Google Goggles Mean?

Google Goggles is a computer image processing technology from Google that leverages Google’s reputation for search and innovation. Google Goggles can identify some visual cues or "landmarks" in an image and generate relevant searches. This technology can also recognize bar codes and even some kinds of text in a photo, such as printed text on a captured page. This program can provide information about a photo taken with a handheld device and has been useful in various commercial and educational projects.


Techopedia Explains Google Goggles

One aspect of Google Goggles image processing is an ability to provide data on objects recognized in a photo. For example, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City has reportedly started a program to use image recognition through Google Goggles to identify art works. Another feature of this technology is the ability to scan a bar code on a product to receive accurate data on that product.


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