Blu-Ray Disk (BD)

Last updated: January 26, 2017

What Does Blu-Ray Disk (BD) Mean?

A Blu-ray disk (BD) is a high-capacity optical disk medium developed for recording, rewriting and playing back high definition video. It can store large amounts of data and was designed to supersede the DVD.

Blu-ray was jointly developed by a group of personal computer and consumer electronics companies called the Blu-ray Disc Association. Blu-ray disks support higher resolutions and more advanced video and audio formats compared to DVDs.


Techopedia Explains Blu-Ray Disk (BD)

Blu-ray technology gets its name from the blue-violet laser that is used to read Blu-ray disks. Compared to a DVD’s red laser, a blue laser permits more information to be stored at a greater density. For example, while a DVD can store 15 GB per layer, a Blu-ray disk can store 25 GB per layer, and dual-layer disks can hold up to 50 GB.

Compared to a DVD, Blu-ray also provides much higher resolution; while a DVD with standard definition can provide definition of 720x480 pixels, Blu-ray high definition has 1920X1080 pixel resolution.



Blu-ray Disc

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