Dialed Number Identification Service

What Does Dialed Number Identification Service Mean?

Dialed number identification service (DNIS) is a telecommunications service sold to corporations that allows them to determine which number a customer dialed to reach them. This is important for companies that have different numbers for different areas of support and service even though all the calls are handled by the same call center. DNIS can help the company direct the call to the appropriate place, play the right message or provide support in the right language.


Techopedia Explains Dialed Number Identification Service

When the carrier passes calls to the automatic call distributors, the dialed number identification service is also passed along so that the automatic call distributor can use this information to route calls. DNIS works by passing on the touch tone digits the caller punches in to a special facility that can read them, display them or incorporate them into call center programming

The dialed number identification ranges from four to 10 digits in length. If a call center is handling calls for multiple product lines, for example, the switch receiving the calls can examine dialed number identification and respond accordingly.


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