Enterprise Private Network

What Does Enterprise Private Network Mean?

An enterprise private network is a computer network that helps enterprise companies with a number of disparate offices connect those offices to each in a secure way over a network. An enterprise private network is mainly set up to share computer resources.


Techopedia Explains Enterprise Private Network

In the U.S., private networks were started in the early 1970s by AT&T. The networks were mainly operated over telecommunications networks. During 1990s as Internet technology evolved, a new type of network called virtual private networks originated. This type of network was built over public infrastructure, and the data was encrypted to protect it from eavesdroppers.

Nowadays, networks built by companies are still called enterprise private networks when privacy is maintained through security procedures and tunneling protocols like Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol.

Some of the advantages of an enterprise private network are:

  • The messages are secure because they are encrypted.
  • They are cost effective and scalable.
  • They help to centralize IT resources.
  • They enable business continuity.

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