Open Enterprise Server

What Does Open Enterprise Server Mean?

Open Enterprise Server (OES) is a server operating system designed for shared network resources and a virtualization computing environment.


Open enterprise server, a product of Novell, is a combination of Netware and Suse Linux enterprise server and can be installed like any of the two depending upon the installation. It is also known as OES-Linux and OES-Netware, when installed like Linux and Netware respectively.

Techopedia Explains Open Enterprise Server

Open enterprise server is a combination of two different operating system platforms, which provides the ability to take the functionality of both. Specifically, OES is strong on the networking capabilities from Netware and the server management expertise of Suse Linux.

OES consists of various different modules and components which provide it with the functionality of a enterprise-scale server operating system. Among Netware and Suse server-centric functionality, OES includes a suite of files, storage, directory and web applications management tools namely, edirectory, ifolder, imanager and user and cluster management components.


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