Active Impostor Acceptance

What Does Active Impostor Acceptance Mean?

Active impostor acceptance is an event that occurs in the field of biometrics in which an impostor actively submits a forged biometric sample to a detector with the aim of passing as a legitimate enrollee of a biometric system. The impostor does this to fool the biometric security device into believing that he or she is the actual owner of the biometric data, thereby being authenticated and gaining access to a protected area or system.


Techopedia Explains Active Impostor Acceptance

Biometric samples are always something very unique to an enrollee or individual, such as fingerprints, eye patterns and even voice patterns. Because only one individual can own a set of these metrics, an impostor has to forge or possibly take a metric from the real enrollee to gain access through the enrollee’s identity.

When the system recognizes the metric as related to a legitimate enrollee, this is what is called the acceptance phase. This allows the impostor to gain access to the system.


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