FTP Server

What Does FTP Server Mean?

An FTP server is a computer which has a file transfer protocol (FTP) address and is dedicated to receiving an FTP connection.

An FTP server needs a TCP/IP network for functioning and is dependent on usage of dedicated servers with one or more FTP clients. In order to ensure that connections can be established at all times from the clients, an FTP server is usually switched on.

An FTP server is an important component in FTP architecture and helps in exchanging of files over internet.

An FTP server is also known as an FTP site.

Techopedia Explains FTP Server

Features of an FTP server:

  • In order for the client to establish connection to the FTP server, the username and password are sent over using USER and PASS commands. Once accepted by the FTP server, an acknowledgement is sent across to the client and the session can start.
  • In the case of an FTP connection, it is possible to resume the download if it was not successfully completed earlier. In other words, checkpoint restart support is provided.
  • The FTP server allows the downloading and uploading files. There could be access restrictions as determined by the FTP server administrator for downloading different files and from different folders residing in the FTP server.
  • The FTP server can provide connection to users without need of login credentials; however, the FTP server can authorize these to have only limited access.
  • Files residing in FTP servers can be retrieved by common web browsers, but they may not be supporting protocol extensions like FTPS.
  • FTP servers can provide anonymous access. This access allows users to download files from the servers anonymously, but prohibits uploading files to FTP servers.
  • All file transfer protocol site addresses begin with ftp://.

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