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IP Network

What Does IP Network Mean?

An IP network is a communication network that uses Internet Protocol (IP) to send and receive messages between one or more computers. As one of the most commonly used global networks, an IP network is implemented in Internet networks, local area networks (LAN) and enterprise networks. An IP network requires that all hosts or network nodes be configured with the TCP/IP suite.


The Internet is the largest and best known IP network.

Techopedia Explains IP Network

Each host is assigned a unique logical IP address, which distinguishes it from other nodes and helps initiate data communication with other hosts. IP network communication occurs when a host sends a data packet to another host by addressing its IP address. Similarly, the recipient identifies the sender by its IP address.

Moreover, an IP network requires that all connected devices – such as servers, switches, routers and other devices – be configured with the TCP/IP suite and have a valid IP address to perform any network communication.


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