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What Does Website Filter Mean?

A website filter is a network application/utility used for website control and/or traffic management. Website filters are used as tools, procedures, and security features to block network traffic according to a user or network preferences.


Website filters are built into devices or software including routers, switches, firewalls, anti-spyware software, and browsers. A website filter is configured by a network administrator. By default, most website filters block Web pages prone to spyware, viruses, pornography, fraud, etc.

Techopedia Explains Website Filter

A website filter is a common browser and host-based security hardening feature implemented in a network firewall or proxy server to ensure the safety of an organization’s digital assets. Website filters block incoming traffic from unsafe zones, particularly those with malicious intent. Once configured, a website filter only allows traffic designated as safe by the the administrator. All other traffic is prevented from network/host entry.

Besides default unsafe traffic blocking, website filters also may be configured to block safe yet inappropriate website usage, especially in organizations seeking to curb non-productive Internet use via social media websites, instant messenger applications, and other non-business applications.


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