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What Does Unbundled Network Elements-Platform Mean?

An unbundled network elements-platform (UNE-P) is a combination of unbundled network elements (UNEs) allowing end-to-end service delivery without any facilities. A UNE-P is made up of individual parts of an applicable network infrastructure, although it still requires facilities-based certification from the public utilities commission (PUC), despite not involving any competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC).

A Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ruling requires incumbent local exchange carriers to make their network facilities, such as UNEs, available to CLECs at rates determined by state public utility commissions. The general theory behind the UNE-P ruling is that it maintains fair competition among local carriers.

Techopedia Explains Unbundled Network Elements-Platform

UNE-P is a combination of a UNE loop and a UNE port. The platform service provides CLEC combinations of UNE.


Some of the UNE-P products are:

  • Analog two-wire
  • Analog PBX/key
  • Digital switched (PBX)
  • Analog centrex
  • Public access lines

UNE-P is also designed to allow CLECs to offer the functional equivalent of retail residential, single-line business, DS1 capable loops and vertical features.


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