Verizon Fiber Optic Service

What Does Verizon Fiber Optic Service Mean?

Verizon fiber optic service (Verizon FiOS) is a bundled home communications package that includes Internet, phone and TV operating over a fiber optic communications network provided by Verizon. FiOS is a type of Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) service available in select U.S. locations.


Techopedia Explains Verizon Fiber Optic Service

With Verizon FiOS, voice, video and data travel over three wavelengths in the infrared (IR) spectrum as fiber optic cable sends light pulses that carry data to users.

FiOS broadband service was created to provide Internet access with high connection speeds – up to 30 Mbps downstream and 5 Mbps upstream, depending on the selected service. In the mobile industry, Verizon FiOS is considered revolutionary by users wanting to try a new and different service. It is commonly seen as an option for faster, affordable and reliable Internet service.


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