Disk Enclosure

What Does Disk Enclosure Mean?

A disk enclosure refers to a specially-designed chassis (cover box) or casing to hold and cover hard disk drives. A disk enclosure allows these drives to communicate with one or more devices or computers simultaneously. A disk enclosure’s structure includes a power supply and data supply sections.


A disk enclosure is also known as a hard drive enclosure.

Techopedia Explains Disk Enclosure

Most computers come with at least 40 to 80 GB of disk space, which may be insufficient for some users. Disk enclosures can provide the additional storage needed for a device. Other than disk space and external connectivity, disk enclosures also have the following advantages and capabilities:

  • They can be easily connected to video game systems and digital multimedia recorders
  • They can add redundant array of independent disk (RAID) capabilities to computers that do not have RAID controllers
  • They allow non-networked computers to easily transfer data from one computer to another
  • They add a removable backup capability with a distinct power source from the connected computer
  • They reduce cooling requirements inside the computer
  • They support hot swapping with an inexpensive and simple configuration
  • They provide physical protection for hard drives

Different enclosures are available in the consumer market. These include FireWire, USB, optical disk drive and magnetic hard drive enclosures.


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