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Secure Network Address Translation

What Does Secure Network Address Translation Mean?

Secure network address translation (SecureNA or SNAT) is a network address translation (NAT) technique that enables private network security by providing a public Internet Protocol (IP) address to remote users/systems. It allows multiple computers that are connected within a private local area network (LAN) to use a single IP address to access the Internet.


Techopedia Explains Secure Network Address Translation

Secure NAT is implemented in routers and modems that provide Internet connectivity to multiple users in a LAN or small network.

In a SNAT-based network environment, all devices connect to the local SNAT device/router/modem, but each computer has a distinct and unique IP address. The SNAT-configured router sends its request by replacing the source IP address with its IP address. When the destination device receives the packet from the local device, it sees the SNAT-configured source IP address – not the device’s actual IP address. This secures the internal network from exposure to external networks while allowing the same IP address to be used by multiple devices.


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