Remote Outdoor Router

What Does Remote Outdoor Router Mean?

A remote outdoor router (ROR) is a type of router that is placed outdoors to connect a remote location in a wireless local area network (WLAN) to another ROR or to a central outdoor router (COR). An ROR can only connect to another ROR or COR and only with one of these at a time. However, a COR can connect with multiple remote outdoor routers at a time, thus enabling the extension of the WLAN coverage.


Techopedia Explains Remote Outdoor Router

ROR wireless routers are designed to be placed outdoors for the purpose of extending the range of a WLAN. They are more powerful than regular wireless routers because they are meant for wider areas and must be able to withstand the elements. Because of the durability they require, they are also much more expensive. A WiFi range extender or WiFi mesh network could also fulfill a similar function.


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