What Does GList Mean?

GList is an XML-based object database for the DIRSIG graphics package for specifying the description and location of objects in a scene. It includes a number of basic geometric shapes, as well as other features for specifying points. It replaces DIRSIG's earlier Object Database (ODB) format, which DIRSIG says is better suited to hand-crafted scenes.


Techopedia Explains GList

GList is a description language for the DIRSIG graphics package. DIRSIG allows 3-D scenes to be specified with visible as well as infrared light. GList uses XML to specify object attributes in a scene. GList files use the ".plist" extension. GList replaces DIRSIG's older format, the Object Database or ODB, though ODB is still supported.

The entire list is enclosed in a <geometrylist> tag. GList defines some base geometric shapes, such as cylinders, pyramids and spheres. Users can also specify the location and type of light sources to be used in the generated scene.

Users can define instances, or complex objects made up of primitive shapes. Some elements of a scene can be varied by population, or appear in a scene according to weights. Elements can also be randomly generated.


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